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Drama Club Sponsor: Mr. Mickey Smith

The purpose of the Drama Club at Forrest is to give students valuable experience with acting, play production, and stage work.  Students who participate in this club will not only be the “Stars of a Show”, but will also assist in set building, make-up, costumes, lights, sound, and props.

If you have never attended a play at the Forrest Theater, you need to plan a visit!  


2017-18 Play Synopsis:

Weird Sisters
Three social outcasts decide to stoke the ambitions of the star football player, Mac, and his uber-popular girlfriend to see how far they will go to make sure Mac is made captain of the football team. Events unfold just as these students are assigned to read Macbeth and they soon become aware that their lives have an eerie resemblance to the classic play. But, for the three weird sisters, is it too late to stop the events they have set in motion, or will their plan take on a life of its own and result in tragedy?
Spy School
It’s 1961, and ordinary teenager Jane Doe is drafted by the CIA to become a super-secret secret agent. Her mission? Infiltrate an American high school to locate a Russian spy about to send classified space program information to the USSR. But it’s not easy being undercover, especially when your spy family consists of a femme fatale “mom,” a 40-year-old “younger brother,” and the most dashingly narcissistic “dad” ever. Add that to obnoxious fellow students, a blatantly sexist curriculum, and the horror that is prom, and you’ve got a mission that might be impossible.




2017-2018 Productions:

 Fall Show:  Weird Sisters (See description to the left)

November 10th – (School Performance)

November 11th – Public Performance 7:30pm

November 12th – Public Performance 2:00pm

 Spring Show:  Spy School (See description to the left) 

April 13th – (School Performance)

April 14th – Public Performance 7:30pm 

April 15 – Public Performance 2:00pm






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